Help. i'm lost. with dating?

i'm lost? i would like to date someone. but i just don't know where to go anymore to meet people. online dating hasn't been a sucess. going out to places hasn't work. just going everywhere all over my city. im literally lost because that's you only options really online or offline. there is nothing else


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  • i think you need to join a club like a sport club or something you care about!

    • thankyou for your advice and trying to help. but there is no clubs for the things I like around my way

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    • like sometimes the libry has authors coming and stuff like that and people come with their kids and yeah!

    • Sometimes... they have stuff like that or if your religous church!

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  • As has been said, join an activity. Expand your hobbies and either you're going to meet someone in the field or someone in a similar field.

    • Thanks man. but I really can't expand my hobbies to meet someone when there is no clubs going for it here. think the only thing that's going is horse riding. and I don't enjoy that to be honest

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  • Lost where? Tell me the address, I'll pick you up.