How to convince a girl you're interested in her as a friend only when she doesn't want a relationship (Urgent)?

I really need a help on this question ASAP! Had to ask it much earlier.
I had a temp job at a hotel where we also rented monthly rooms. One day we got a new tenant. She's a woman, a single mom with a 14 y. o son.
She's a very nice person. Has a very attractive personality. Very kind, caring and honest. I used to ask her some questions when I worked at the front desk, that's how I learned something about her.
I was gonna ask her out to a dinner after my last day at work 'cause I didn't have a time for it while working.
When it was my last day of work I told her about it and that I'm going on vacation to California. And before I could tell her that I'd like to take her to a dinner and know more about her she gave me her email address and asked if I had her phone #. She was exited to go to a dinner with me after I'm back from CA. And told me to call her when I'm back.
We went to one of the best restaurants. I brought her flowers and some souvenirs from Las Vegas, since I went there as well. Though when I mentioned that I was thinking of her and missed seeing her at work it made her feel uncomfortable.
In the very end of our limited time for a dinner I gave her souvenirs. She said she can't accept it because she's not looking for a relationship with anybody at this time. And I said it's ok. Anyways, I convinced her to take it.
Her attitude changed since that night. She started responding to calls and messages less often. We agreed to go to a dinner next week but she wouldn't pic up her phone. In the very end I sent her a message and she replied that she can't because of work. But said to keep in touch.
Last time I saw her by accident and I could say she wasn't exited to see me. Said her friend is waiting for her. Hugged me as if she still cares and left not to offend me.
Shall I send her a message saying that I see you don't wanna talk to me and can you tell me why? And I apologize for confusing her. Or shall I go to her and ask what's wrong?


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  • I think she clearly said I don't want a relationship! Just let her be!

    • I know that. But I want to be her friend. This friendship is very important for me. I just don't know what shall I do? Shall I send her a message saying that I know it's my fault and I didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable? I'm also thinking about going and waiting till she goes out and making it look like I just met her by accident and ask her why she doesn't pick up a phone and ask her to meet and talk about everything.
      Every time we texted she would mention how wonderful was our dinner just trying not make me think that everything's alright even though she doesn't always answer her phone and found an excuse not to go out next time. She doesn't want to seem unthankful to me. It would be different if I didn't mention thinking about her. So, now I need to convince her that I'm interested in her as a friend. Because that's what she wanted us to be.

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    • If she didn't want to be my friend she wouldn't give me her phone # and email herself without me even asking about it. She wouldn't go to a dinner with me. Before going to a dinner she would send me pics of herself with her son. She definitely wanted to be friends. But now she thinks I want to be more than just a friend. And I DO wanna be her FRIEND. I'm very selective with choosing friends.

    • Well leave a voicemail!

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  • LMAO, you then already fuck up + are pass the point of no return in mind. Since you've already made it pretty obvious that you "want more than a friendship" with her (in her mind). So anything that you may try to do or say is "pointless" to her. Since she doesn't want that with you (R-ship/so she's going to drift away slowly).

    You may as well salvage your EGO now and stop cuz she's probably not going to change her mind about ya ^_^

    • Now if you would have just talked to her normally (no flirting ) since day 1 this wouldn't even be happening to you right now.

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