Guys, How do you feel if a girl asks you a question like this?

Suppose that you see a girl at a coffee shop and then she asks you something like " I could use your help for something "and then she says ' can you hold my jacket for a minute please? ' or something like this. Do you think it's weird? Or how do you feel about it?


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  • I feel happy as I would be helping her out and also that she came to me instead of other people :)

    • Great thought! I dig it!

    • It's also a good way to meet other people as it is far more personal and exiting than just saying "Hi, My name is Sam... how are you?" I fucking hate small talk haha

    • Hahaha agree! Thank younger your opinion :) I appreciate

  • I would think it was extremely weird and I would think the woman was rude for not at least saying hello.

    • What if she does say hello and then say that later?

    • If she says hello and is polite then I will oblige.