Does he love me like he says he does?

Hey everyone:)
Um okay here's my story.. My crush kissed me last week.. and ever since then we would meet up by the cricket nets (our kissing hide out) and kiss and enjoy eachothers company.. So one day I hugged him tightly and he says "I love you" and he hugs me tighter.. So on Friday when I got home from school I messaged him on facebook saying "Hey boo :)" so he wasn't online and he wasn't online for the whole weekend and he never read any of my messages... I think maybe he never had data or something.. So anyways on Monday at school.. I went to our kissing spot to find that he wasn't there! So I went to our other place where we used to chill out... He wasn't there!! So later on that day after school.. I see him with his friends and he never said Hi to me at all!! wtf is that? Guys you have no idea what mixed feelings i'm getting right now... So do you think he loves me?

Never saw him at all today...


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  • nobody can knw it except him and God

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