She Asked Me Out To The Movies?

She Asked Me Out To The Movies? does this mean she is asking me out on a date, or just as a "Friend"

so this girl, i met her sometimes back, she was dating a guy i knew (we werent that close).. after they broke up, i started talking to her since well, i was interested in her..

so we talk for quite sometimes and one day, out of no where she asked if i wanted to go a movie.. (that day my phone went for fixing so i couldnt replied her) i saw her text a day later and i said "yes yes and sorry for the late reply..."
she replied me " I wanted to go last night, but didn't find a company :("

so i asked her if she wanted to go today or the next day.. she didn't reply.. and a day passed and i asked her if she wanted to go and chill... she didn't replied as 2 day passed she replied "im otw back home from out of town" (now i know she was busy so she couldnt reply lol)
we talked random stuff for an hour or so when she said "What are you doing today" i replied quickly "today? nothing, im kinda free" she right away asked " U wanna go watch a movie "... i said "today? now night show? hmm sure.." she then replied "well yeah i guess cause I'm free as well and nothing to do for now, I'm just asking cuz i might get busy when i get back to home"
i told her "yeah sure, lets go"
I started searching for the showtime and it was pretty late, so i said "the showtime is at 22:00, you sure you will make it on time?" she replied " we can make it to "this mall" and im almost reaching home."

my mood changed for some reason and i said "today seems the be a hard chance, why dont we go tomorrow for the movie or some other day, and maybe lets go sit and chill somewhere instead?"
she said "sure lets go chill"... 20 minute passed and i was like "hey i dont think i will make it today, mayber tomorrow?"
she replied "why not today, tomorrow im busy lol... not even go sit and chill today?"
i changed my mind and said "ok, lets go"

when went there.. she sat on the chair opposite to me, we talked and stuff, ordered food and talked, she brought up random topics like "you believe in past life?" haha.. she did smile when we talk ( i guess?) and then she asked to take pics with me and she posted it up facebook with a status "welcome back buddy #finallywemet".. even though this is the first time me and her actually met and talked in real...

Im totally confused if she is asking me on a date or just as a friend.. is she flirting with me? :? confused af.


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  • It sounds like she's looking at you as a friend.

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