What is the penguin method?

I'm curious what the penguin method is. has anyone heard of it and how does it work?


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  • It is total bullshit, but in essence it is:

    Blow your man’s mind by being a mysterious woman with substance.
    Making your man to commit to you needs a lot of effort. You have to know some techniques that would signal him that you want a serious commitment. But, you have to balance everything to not over do things. The thrill and excitement must be maintained or else your man will get bored.

    Do not be so available whenever he needs you. Let him miss your presence once in a while because it maintains a spicy and more interesting relationship.

    Your man knows what you can do in bed but it should not end there. Make sure that your relationship does not only involve nice sex. Show him that you can do a lot of valuable things like housekeeping, cooking, and laundry.

    Connect to your man physically and emotionally.
    Teach your man to crave and be obsessed with you by keeping some little mystery. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a wild sex partner in bed. You can actually do some stuff that you thinks your man loves you. On the other hand, you teach him how you want to be treated so that he will have the initiative to do things that you like most.

    Let him know that you are a strong and an independent woman that he can count on.
    Maintain to have your own identity and life. Show him that you can still enjoy with or without him. In some studies, having individual hobbies will lower your stress level. Stressing and pressuring your partner may trigger him to avoid in getting into a serious commitment. It says that once you man discovered that your entire world is centred on him, he will feel that you might be a future burden. You can try applying the reverse psychology buy not letting him think that women’s satisfaction is only getting into a serious commitment. The more he feels that he was taking for granted, the more he wants to commit to you.


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  • no I haven't heard of it.


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  • I too am now curious... lol

  • All I know that they are monogamous for life


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