What are the chances a fling turns into something more?

I'm confused that we might just be a "fling" but I'm hoping it will turn into something more serious. What are the chances that flings lead to more? and how can I help make this happen?


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  • I am a believer that anything is possible. If you feel its a fling and nothing more big chance that is all it will be. Unfortunately the part that sucks is there really isn't anything you can do its just something that happens if the right chemistry is there. Maybe if you feel it there could be more there maybe there is something there but if he is not in the mind set to be looking for more he may not see it. Who knows maybe sometimes things happen more when we don't expect them too. I have had short flings with guys and months later get a call out the blues saying ya know I haven't been able to get you off my mind. Some flings are just good like that but the one thing it shows us we don't need to settle for just anything we want something that makes us feel like that always.

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