How to approach a girl on the bus stop?

i see this girl almost every day, taking the bus to the next city, to go to work. i feel like she started smiling at me (that usually doesn't happen), so now we exchange a casual smile ever morning lol. I'd like to just start a conversation with her, but its like 4.30 am, literally nobody else on the street, i think it would come of as very creepy... and since im very shy and introverted in general... i thought i might ask for a tip or two here. thanks


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  • Probably the best thing to do is when it is just you two at the bus stop, open with the following comments about:
    1. The weather: "Damn is it cold this morning (or unusually warm this morning, depending upon where you live)..."
    2. Tiredness: "Isn't getting up this early for work *fun*?" (then yawn)
    2a. Follow up with something about the cost of living being cheaper remotely as opposed to closer to work.

    • thanks for your input! i do appreciate it!

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