What does this mean?

there's this guy named sam and he always give me these friendly smiles, and smirks when he sees me , and does that flirtatious head lift up with the raised eyebrows and smirk, and today I walked into the band room, and he turned around and looked around and then he saw me and stopped what he was doing smirked at me and did that head raised eyebrows thingy what does that mean?


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  • it looks to me that he likes you
    its common for boys to smile at their chrushes when they look at them. and since when you walk in a room he notices you it means he's looking for you.
    all clues point to: he likes you
    hope this helps

    • its just that Sam and I barely talk and he does that to me, and like he wasn't looking for me, cause like I don't have band and i was only in there to get something and he turned around and that's when he turns around and stopped what he's doing

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    • okay thank you (:

    • no problem ☺️☺️