I really want to talk to him, but I always freak out or miss an opportunity. What is good way to engage the conversation without coming off as weird?

He has engaged the conversation more than once before and he seemed really shy. GaGers told me he liked me. I like him a lot too. Iusually am a very confident and straightforward person, I have a lot of personality and I often make a very strong first impression on people. I might have on him, but I freak out at the idea of talking to him. My mind just goes blank and I don't know what to say.
Help, GaGers, this is driving me nuts! I'm not a coward nor a poor scared little thing, but I like him so much it scares me. Give me advice!

I fprgpt to mention: he always sits next to me in bio lab and talks to me a lot, etc.


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  • Try to arrange something with him after your bio lab.

    • I want to do that, but I feel like we're not close enough yet..

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