Why do men love sex and women so much?

Is it just an ego thing? Why do men love women, PLEASE explain. I mean women love men too but its not like men loving women. For example a woman can hold on on sex and doesn't ''need'' A BOYFRIEND, more of peer pressure, they can be more on their own and dont need sex, as for men they are like obsessed and feel like they hit lottery when they have a woman in bed, and women can manipulate men with sex. Why do men love sex so much? I made out with two guys and OMG they turn into animals or almost like young boys getting breastfeed or candy, and they dont talk in bed either they just do. So WHY do you guys enjoy sex so much?


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  • It's the most natural urge in the world, to reproduce. Our bodies release feel-good chemicals by the ton when we do it.


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  • Because the need to breed is quite strong in both genders.


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  • Stop generalizing.


  • There is a very simple way to keep a guy.
    1. give him food
    2. give him sex



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