Hung out with a girl, how to ask if we were on a date?

So I hung out with this girl on Sunday. But it felt more like a date and I wanted it to be how do I ask if it was. We went bowling the walked for a little grabbed some ice cream then I walked her home the long way. We held hands but she just said her hands were cold


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  • Don't ask her. It was obviously a date. You should just arrange to do something else with her.


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  • Is it important to know that?

    • I don't know is it. I feel like it would help me understand the status of our relationship

    • The status of a relationship will only become clear when both have made up their mind about the other: marriage material or not? And that can take long.
      We knew it after going together on vacation for 10 days. (each his own room). Don't expect her to know it the next morning. You don't know it either yet.

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  • don't, just go with it, just say you had a great time and would do it again.

    • She already said she wanted to do it again

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    • Ok I asked her to do it again and she said sure does that show

    • i think so, if you can ask her friends. i know its a little weird, but they are often times your best chance of finding out what that gal is really thinking. this is as far as i can help you its up to you now bub.

  • You don't ask her, you just assume it was and go from there

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