How often should your significant other buy you gifts, jewelry, flowers, dinner, etc?


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  • Really only for Christmas and maybe my birthday. On anniversaries I'd rather do something special together. Gifts make me uncomfortable, I'd be more than happy with a thoughtful letter and many kisses.

    • You make good points. And those are great reasons to buy and get gifts.

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    • Thanks for MHO! Even though no one else replied to this... Haha sorry about that

    • Lol your very welcome. I love given mho's out to people and thank you for responding and replying to anything I posted. Lol don't be sorry it's all good Im happy that one person resonded. lol 😎

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  • On special occasions, I guess.

    Personally, I'm not really drawn to gifts.


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  • Depends on the person. I usually only did on bdays, holidays and vday; but my girlfriend also likes to give gifts randomly throughout the year for no reason. Just communicate wit your partner about how you both wanna handle gift giving