My boyfriend talks about how much game he used to get?

Like on Halloween we were watching a scary movie which is a genre he doesn't care for. And I was like didn't you used see them with a girl you liked in junior high so she would be like oh no then grab you? And he's like I never needed that girls just flocked to me. Do you think he means it? He hasn't seen any classic horror films.


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  • He may have been sarcastic, or maybe he was right, we can't tell cause we don't know him, you're the only one that knows him enough to know if he may have been a guy that had game or not.


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  • I am not so sure...


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  • Whether he means it or not, we really would not know, you know him, well 100% more than any of us. Should it bother you if its true, I guess not if you trust him, he's with you!! I'm sure you got attention as well and he would know that, so long as you believe he won't do anything, there's no more to be had about this


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