Was I being too clingy? How can I fix the relationship?

Hi. I was recently introduced to a vietnamese girl and her friend when me and a few friends were drinking. After, I started messaging her through facebook and at first it was just something somewhere between hi and whats up? But later we started to joke around and send messages more often. But one day she became sick so I gave her some medicine through her friend, because I asked first to come out but she didn't (her friend said because she thought it was for drinking which is something we and friends cancelled that day). Then the next day I waited outside her house which is like a 1 minute walk from mine to give her more medication for her cold because in korea many places only give one-day worth of medication. It was suppose to be something like a surprise! in a good way but it didn't go so well.. lol. She was like kind of exhausted from work? I don't know. Anyways she use to answer if she saw the message but now she isn't replying. I think. Was I being too caring or clingy? I am considering if I should apologize for scaring her in front of her house.. lol... umm dont know what to do next.. please help? and some advice would be greatly appreciated^^.. I would really like this relationship to work cause I was like planning to ask her out later.. by the way I am living in Korea and she is from vietnam living in korea.. i hope the extra detail might help~~


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  • Hi! Yeah, she must have felt invaded. I think it'd be a good idea to ask her if you've done something wrong, and if she mentions this, then apologize.


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