Complicated Mutual Understanding. I need advices please?

Last month, my friend confessed to me that he likes me. Days passed, I started liking him too. by the way, his name is Zac. So we made an agreement that our status for now is only MU (mutual understanding). Then, a problem happened. My Mom wants me to limit everything from boys and told me that I should stay away from Zac for now. This happened because of my issues at school. My haters and friends say that I'm such a flirt. And I'm a fuck girl or a playgirl because, I had a friend named Edward who wanted to court me. I didn't allow him and told him to move on because I don't like him that way. Now it feels like everything's falling apart. My Mom has trust issues in me, because I did something bad last year. I'm trying to earn her trust again by not doing anything that she doesn't want me to do. My status with Zac is very complicated; we're full of limitations and we became cold to each other. I don't want to let go, he's the only one who inspires me. What should I do?


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  • An unofficial relationship like you described is asking for trouble. You need to solve the problems with you mom first off. Without going in to detail, what kind of things happened last year?


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  • You should probably listen to your mother. She knows better after all.
    Also, I need more details. What happened last year?

    • My ex boyfriend is influencing me with bad doings. He's asking for a head and sex. I don't want to, so that's why I broke up with him. My mom knew, and she thought that I did it with him although I didn't. That's why every time I'm going out with a guy or hanging out with my friends, there's this feeling that my Mom is thinking that I'm still doing silly things. Now, I'm giving my all to build her trust again. Thank you by the way. =)

    • It's a positive thing the fact that you're trying to build a relationship of trust with your mother.