Does this show how much I care or freak my boyfriend out?

my boyfriend of 4 months had a trip planned to italy for 3weeks, we have a very strong bond. we talk for hours on the phone everyday whilst he is working (tiling) and see each other every weekend. i travell to his home and stay the weekend and visa versa. we are quite physically close, lots of kissing, making out, cuddles, spooning etc very comfortable with each other. anyways i took him to the airport and helped him check in and drop off his luggage and we had a coffee and lunch and walked around the shops a bit waiting for his flight. as he was going to his gate it was time to say goodbye. we were okay up to that point but when he was giving me a long tight hug i started to tear up. not ugly crying just little tear drops. i was embarrassed and he gave me a big hug and said sorry im not crying aswell.. then he left. i spoke with him later saying how embarrassed about how emotional i got and apologised and he said thats okay your allowed to be. we didn't really focus on it much but i tend to overthing and wonder whether he would have appreciated my tears for him, i dont know how boys think. by the way im 18 and he's 22.


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  • No, he thought it was cute.


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  • It's perfectly fine to show emotion from time to time.
    I wouldn't tell that you freaked him out, on contrary.
    His reaction was sweet and he seems to be quite understandable. He even apologized for not crying.