If approaching and making the first move was truly only a "guy thing", then?

Muteness would be a condition that only women get (unless it muteness caused by injury surgery, etc) Right? If approaching making the first move starting up a convo was something every guy is supposed to be able to genetically able to do, then there would be no mute guys unless it was some kind of dire circumstance right?


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  • Why are u mad? Just stay calm.


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  • There is zero correlation between the two...

    • Why so think about it. If all guys are supposed to have the biological capability to make the 1st move and start a convo, then mutness would only be a condition that only women get unless its muteness caused by injury, surgery, etc.

  • No, girls will approach when they actually like a guy. Problem is guys see a pretty face and associate that with "like"
    A girl will want to know the guy personally before deciding if she "likes" him


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