Why does dating revolve around alcohol?

Like when you are on a date you are expected to drink alcohol and or hang out in a place that serves alcohol i. e a bar and you as a man are supposed to "know his way around the bar" or in other words know how to order drinks. If you don't drink alcohol and have no interest in drinking alcohol then what am I supposed to do huh? Would it be a dealbreaker for you if you found out your date doesn't drink? Or that he orders a soda instead of some fancy alcoholic beverage?

Whats so bad about just ordering a non alcoholic drink huh? Is it immature? Is it because of societies belief that drinking alcohol is the adult thing to do and soda is just for kids?

I am sick and tired of it are there no people my age (22) who don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I get that some of you are mindless sheep who are obsesed with trying to be "cool" and "fitting in" and I get that you view sobriety as boring and dull and think sober people are boring losers who don't know how to have fun because "you can't have fun without alcohol" and im supposedly missing out.


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  • People most likely want you to have a drink because you act like a whiney little bitch when sober.

    • Looks like I've hit a nerve. Please check into a rehab asap you drunkard loser.

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    • Right I have no right to voice my opinion cause some random bitch on the internet doesn't like it.

    • Good lord are you butthurt. 😂

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  • #generalisation353 it really doesn't. =] it only will in the minds of people who think dating is all fancy schmancy cocktail dresses and suits, wine tasting and beer drinking, etc. dont sweat it.

  • Depends on the type of people you date.

    I wouldn't be a dating a guy who drinks.


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