Girls, have you never not appreciated getting a text from a guy saying "Good morning beautiful"?

So I've been talking to this girl for about a month and a half, we have gone out twice and the most recent time we were at a club and we danced and made out. We have been talking a ton ever since, and it's obvious we like each other and she even texted me the next day saying I was a pretty good kisser. We are going out again twice this week.

But she is a little different than most girls, whenever I see her in person and say she looks great or whatever she seems to really appreciate it and returns the compliment. However if I ever send anything over text, she either glosses over it or just doesn't respond to it.

I want to start showing her that I care more, I want to send something simple and was thinking of just sending her a text in the morning saying "good morning beautiful". It's no surprise that I think she's beautiful, or I hope not... and we've already hooked up, so I don't think it'll come across as me being a player or a creep. I know she appreciates these compliments when we're in person but it's difficult to read if she likes them over text.

My main fear is to send this and get no response. But do you guys think I should do it? I really don't see how it could hurt, but girls in particular, have you ever not liked when a guy sent you something like that in the morning? Especially a guy you've gone out with a few times?


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  • I'd wait until things are more serious. You've only gone on 2 dates.


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