Should I tell him how I feel?

I been talking to this guy for a couple of months now who I had met on pof. During that time I had started to like him. Eventually I had caught very strong feelings for him. Crazy thing though is that we haven't met in person yet and every time we do make plans something always come up. Anyhow, when we started off talking ot was great, we would talk for hours day and night. Even when he at work he finds time to talk to me. He would text me goodmorning, call me beautiful, talk about how much he wish he can hold me and such. Now I have feelings for him and it sounds kinda crazy considering I haven't met him yet. Lately we haven't been talking like we used to (for various reasons it's complicated) and I miss him. We had a small argument and we haven't spoken to eachother in a couple days. During that time I was so heartbroken, I felt depress and cried for days and I have NEVER EVER cried over a boy before. He the first guy that actually made me felt special and happy. I feel like I should tell him how I feel but I don't want to scare him away and I don't know completely how he feels about me. so what should I do?


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  • If you want... I wouldn't but thats me.