I just reread the online dating profile of a girl I went on a 'date' with, and it says she's only looking for friends, what should I do?

The date had seemed to go fairly well, and she seems interested in seeing me again, but now that I've read that I'm not sure what to do - do girls actually mean that on a dating site? Or are they just trying not to seem too eager?

Any opinions on this? Girls if you say you're only looking for friends on a dating site are you actually just lonely and in need of friends?
Any other opinions on this?


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  • I believe she said that to get rid of all the creeppy toms.

    • You mean she's just lying but actually does want to date guys?

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    • no see her again and ask her!

    • But surely that would make me seem completely inept, if she was dating me surely she'd stop if I asked her if we were.

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  • Your nothing but a free meal ticket, and her to vent her emotional problems on. LEAVE. CUT ALL CONTACS.


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  • Just because she says on her dating profile that she's only looking for friends doesn't mean she can't be interested in you. Forget about what her profile says and just go on another date.

    • It's just I sort of fancy her already and I think it's asking for trouble to spend more time with her when she doesn't seem to want anything more.

  • Then you tell her that you are looking for relationship not just friendship.

    • Well thing is I looked at it again because the website told me she'd updated it, so there's a slim chance that's what she changed it, so if I were to mention it I could ruin any chance I have.

    • I don't know what to say.


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