I now have more guys after me than when I was 10 years younger?

I have at least five guys after me, not in love, but constantly calling etc. I barely leave home and don't socialise a lot, so I find it surprising that I have so many guys after me.

do other people in their 30s experience that? I've always thought it'd be the opposite. when i was younger (18-20) I had NO guys at all interested in me, sometimes during several years...

To be honest, this is really surprising. i've had more than 15 guys after me this year... honestly I can' remember (surely half at least were expecting sex). COmparing my experience of being single now than with my experience ten years ago, I'm really amazed of how things became so different. Yes, my personality changed, I'm now more outgoing and confident, looks have improved in some ways but worsened in others (I don't have that cute face anymore...).

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Maybe guys think I'll be an easy lay because I'm open and relaxed and don't want to have children? Maybe I've aged better than other women my age?

Anybody else with similar experiences?
(Am I going to have zero guys again in ten years? :P)

my feeling is guys want someone who is not unattractive, though not necessarily super beautiful. and that they want someone who is fun and they can talk to... and because I'm much more outgoing that's what's making the huge difference?


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  • older women are easy lays. i find they are desperate to find somebody to love them at this point and well its an easy lay.

    • that may be it as well, but i don't think i send the desperate vibe, because I'm not desperate... i don't deel i HAVE to get married etc.
      I'm horny and i try not to show it but maybe it's hard to hide :P

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    • well at my age im kinda slowing down a bit in how much sex i want. i can really take it or leave it to be honest. like i said older women tend to be easy lays so well im past the point of caring enough for effort.

    • i guess im no longer interested in those other feelings or interest

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  • I find this too! I know when I was in high school, no guys wanted me. Then in college I had a little bit of interest, but not much. Now that I am 26 I have way more guys into me.

    I think as we get older, our standards become more realistic. People aren't chasing after only the super hot girls and guys. They see that other qualities are just as important, such as a stable job, kind demeanor, faithful, etc...

    I think too, people as they get older have a better sense of themselves. So it makes it easier to find people who are more compatible. People are also looking to settle down more in their 30's than in their 20's so that also makes a huge difference.

    I'm online dating now, and there are lots of guys on there looking to settle down. When a girl has a stable job, is kind and seems to have her priorities straight she becomes more of a catch to them.

    • i think men in their thirties are definitely not looking to settle down with women.

    • dudeman, my feeling is that guys in general only want sex right? lol
      they may want something else as well but not as their top priority... :P

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  • women sexually peak around age 35.

    we men, know this.

    • christ, you guys only want sex right :P

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    • yeah i don't want kids or maybe adopt in 10 years so I think it's hard to find a good match with guys my age or older. meh.

    • basically i saw so much shit happening in relationships last year that i stopped believing in having a family or that it should be a life goal.

  • You must be attractive. Post a picture for review

    • not bad... petite shape with round ass and round face with cute cheeks and eyes, but big nose and thin lips :P

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  • Yeah I'm the same. I became single and I'm 27 and suddenly I was incredibly popular. I don't understand it because I've never really been one to attract many men.

    • weird. do u notice that they are attracted in terms of wanting sex or relationships?
      i notice it's more a sex-thing but i also notice that they like me in general. maybe if i forced them i'd get a relationship but i dont "need" it (at least not yet)

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    • @Whizzy83 hahaha thank you

    • lol love it xD