I hooked up with a guy the second time we hung out. Haven't heard from him. Is he still interested?

It's a little complicated...the first time we met he was majorly pursuing me and then I ended up turning HIM down because he was being a little too aggressive for me. (Trying to make out with me at the bar in front of people, etc.) Then I ran into him a second time hanging out with the same group of friends. I finally gave in after he was trying to do anything he could to get with me. We went back to his place and hooked up. Our other friends came over later that night after we hooked up and his other friend kissed me. I spent the night there but then all night he was acting really cold and kind of mean. So I'm trying to figure out if he is just a d-bag and didn't want anything to do with me after he finally got me in his bed, or if he found out that his friend kissed me and was really p*ssed. Help!


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  • He only wanted you for sex. He got what he wanted and he's done with you


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  • It's both, my dear. He clearly was interested in bedding you and didn't even masquerade the fact. You gave in too easily. Then you let his friend kiss you. Whether you let the friend kiss or not is another matter. In eyees, you let his friend kiss you. You're easy as far as he's concerned. Yes, he is a dirt-bag. In future, value yourself. Your body is your temple. Make the guy work earn your trust before sleeping with him ESPECIALLY if he's pushy.

  • He is done with you! He got you in bed AND you kissed his friend! Move on!