What to do if a guy stops talking to you?

So my friend told this guy I liked him and then he asked me if I did and I said I didn't my friend wasn't telling the truth so I'm guessing he got confused and stuff but now he's not replying back to my messages anymore and it says seen. He used to always reply back till it got kinda awkward after he found out I liked him, I'm pretty sure that's why he doesn't wanna talk anymore. Should I just tell him I don't like him that way? So he could talk to me again


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  • I think you can directly ask him if there's something wrong.
    And if the reason he's no longer talking to you were because he knows you like him, why would you want to keep talking to him?

    • Okay well I was thinking about saying "okay I'll be honest with you I used to like you but not anymore after what my friend told me you said so now i only like you as a friend" how does that sound?

    • It's not really feasible that a person stops liking another one overnight. But feel free to say whatever you need or want.