Would you date a girl with no friends?

I'm very shy and this has been the reason for my lack of friends, it's a bit hard for me to open up to someone. I have a lot of acquaintances, just no one to hang out with. I talk to people all the time in my gym, in classes, and work. So I'm not anti social and I don't hate people or whatever it is that you normally associate with people who have no friends, just painfully shy :(

It doesn't really bother me that much because I keep myself busy with other things. I don't really give myself time to dwell on this, so I don't sit at home all alone every night. I occupy myself with volunteer work , lessons (yoga, tennis), school work. Not an exciting life, I'll give you that much, but it's my life and I'm use to it.

Recently I started dating a guy that is pretty outgoing. He has many friends and I have met them at a party he was had the other night.

I'm just worried that he's going to think I'm weird and not want to date me because of this. He knows I'm shy so this shouldn't come as a total surprise? What do you think?


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  • I don't think you need to feel embarrassed that there's no one you really connect with. I mean, what are you gonna do?


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  • Put yourself at ease, I am on the other end of the spectrum, so don't feel bad, were it not for my wife I really wouldn't have any friends at all. I tell you this because I feel you two will balance each other out. I'm a pretty quiet person too, and my wife helps bring me out a little more, and I help to soothe her when she has had a really busy day or she just wants to relax, so this sort of partnership can really work quite well. The real test will be to see how he feels about it. I hope this helps some.


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