Girls, is she into me or just playing games?

I've had a thing for a girl for quite sometime now and she knows how I feel because I have talked to her about it. Last year I asked her out and she accepted but then later said that she couldn't do it. At the time I was going through a rough patch in my life with other things going on, that she did not know about then but does now. I let things rest for a while and then when I brought it back up again she said she was seeing somebody, which I'm pretty sure wasn't a real thing. I let that sit for the a little over a month and then I opened the friendship again and she has hung out with my friends and I, as well as I've hung out with her friends and her. this past weekend her roommate told me that I was a really nice guy and they all hung around me instead of their friends. There was also a night where she followed me around the bars all night. The next night I asked to see what she was doing and she acted kind of stand offish but may have been busy? I just would like to know if it's worth it or not? Because this girl is my dream girl and she knows that. I want to be persistent in showing her that, that is what I want but I don't want to be clingy again. her and I have the same interests and she knows that as well. I feel like there is something there but she is too scared to do anything with me about it


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  • Talk to her