Need advice on how I should tell him?

To make a long story short the guy I'm dating been going through some stressful personal thing within the last three months. He told me today what it is he actually was going through... and how he doesn't really care about anything else right now but getting himself together and how he doesn't want to lead me on he just need to get his mental together and his stressed out he is, and I'm not going to go into details on what exactly it is but it's just a "stressful financial problem". Now I've been asking him to see me before I fly out to another state for work, which he then told me that he's going to as well within two weeks. So today he tells me he's actually moving to there and I'm just like well why am I just now finding out. He told me he'll call me back, I asked if its a possibility that he can come see me later, and he said "I'll try"

Now, my question is should I even see him? I feel like he's about to move and start a new life and it's like he subliminally saying we're over. He still tells me he loves me and care for me so it's confusing when he said he don't want to lead me on, whereas he's saying things that does. So what she I do? And what should I respond to his message?


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  • My advice is to have an adult to adult conversation with him, find out what's really going on and what his intentions are, don't be too tied to a particular outcome other than just getting on the same page. If he's not committed to the relationship because he's just not that interested, don't be afraid to move on with your life. If he's really just trying to get his s**t together and get to a more stable, secure spot in his life so that he CAN focus more on the relationship, then it's up to you if you want to give him space and stick around or move on.

    If you really like the guy and the relationship has been a good one, see if you can work it out. If you feel that you're not that important to him and he's trying to back out, maybe the best thing is to go with your gut and move on.

    Talk with him though, communication is KEY!

    Good luck!

    • I totally agree wire everything you said. But here's the issues. I really think he doesn't get it, it's like he told me what's the problem he's going through and granted its actually a messed up situation but I feel like he could've told me earlier instead of keeping me in the dark. I feel like we've been through soooo much that he couldn't even be opened with me. I'm very be on good communication and that's something that he lacks. So in the since it's like I've voiced and expressed my feeling but nothing changes. I try to be supportive as possible give him his space when needed check up on when needed and it's like now I feel like I wasted my time. For the simple fact he couldn't be open and honest and tell me what's been stressing him out these last couple of months. I literally cried after we talked today hearing him say things like he don't want people in his business, it's like "people" I'm not people. I'm somebody you constantly say you love, and care for, then you add on...

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    • Thank you for your advice!

    • Good luck :-)

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