Why do guys I date accuse me of being the reason we failed or at things?

Like for example if I cancel a date because a guy didn't contact me before the date (he saw my message and didn't bother to answer or said he was busy) and our fallout was blame all on me. I'm just so tired of being blame for everything (by my sister, boyfriends etc) why do I get blame for everything.

I don't want these people who accuse me for being at fault for anything in my life I'm just sick and tired of being treat poorly and being accuse of being at fault when they won't take fault.


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  • I guess it depends on your actual reaction. Are you actually placing the blame on the other person in these situations (like saying something along the lines of "Sorry I'm canceling because you didn't text me back")? Are you flipping out or acting like a snob about it? Or are you handling it nonchalantly (like saying "oh I'm sorry sweetie, I thought you were busy and my friend called and asked me to meet up with her. How about tomorrow night?")?

    • Well no I did said I'm cancelling the date because I feel he using me and I was right about that because he told me straight to my face.

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    • but what was wrong for saying how i truly feel that he did not care for me? I was right he never care for me.

    • I'm just saying confrontation does no good. It's not going to make him change to be with you, and if he were to try to feed you the "I've changed" line after that, its just to prove he can treat you like crap and still keep you around. Do what you wish, just my opinion.