What is it like having a close boyfriend?

What is it like having a boyfriend you connect with well and comforts you.
What are feelings that you experience and what does heartbreak feel like.
Also guys what feelings do you experience with your girlfriend?


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  • its having a bestfriend that you have feelings for and they feel the same way. you can tell them everything and know that u can trust them and that they won't run there mouth. you can act like your full self and they would still like/ love you for who you are. its an amazing feeling cuz now in our generation you can't trust nobody. as far as heart break with that person. it sucks a lot but if y'all friend ship is strong enough then y'all will be bestfriends again with time. at least thats how it was for me.

    • Really well i feel so lonely and my mother just gave me permission to get a boyfriend

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    • Ok but im impatient

    • lol i am 2 but its worth the wait