Does my manager have a crush on me?

So, im starting to get convinced that my manager wants me. We are both the same age (23) an she just started 2 months ago. she's VERY friendly too friendly to the point its weird, I say this not because she's ugly (shes actually very pretty) but because she's ENGAGED! I thought she was just naturally a friendly person, but I noticed she doesn't act the way she does to the other male co workers. she's very touchy, she always finds a way touch me. She'll say things "Ive missed you!" "Dont clock out an leave me" "Omg im so excited your here!" She'll ask me to hangout with her friends after work to go to a bar. One day we closed and she asked me to go to bar together just me and her. She stares at me a lot, an doesn't break eye contact, she gives me such seductive looks it gets me so mind buggled cause normally a girl who acts like this, ususally likes me and I end up dating them but in this case, I can't do anything cause 1 she's my manager and 2 she's engaged to ge married and has been for 2 years. She texts me almost everyday, all day. If i dont reply she'll see me at work and play slap me on the arm an say "im so mad at you, you didn't text me back". Or she'll text me on a different day an say "thanks for texting me back:(". She even calls me sometimes to ask me what im doing, the conversations last about an hour. She'll call me after work until she gets home an goes "ok im home, text me (;"
She gets extremely close to me when we talk an ask what I like in girls and who have i dated and what not and she kinda rubs up against me when she passes me. I don't know i can go on an on what she does. So what do you guys think? Could this mean she wants me or likes me? Am I just overthinking this? What is she up to? All i know is this is not normal for a girl who is engaged to be married


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  • Damn yeah she's flirting alright. I hope her fiancĂ© knows about this. Ugh I hate girls like her.


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  • She may or may not be. But one thing's for sure, stay away from a woman in a relationship, especially that she's engaged. Smells like big trouble.

    • you're right, but its kinda hard since we both work at the same place, also its tough cause she's so damn pretty

    • So damn pretty... I understand bro... I feel you. :( But don't make a deicison you will regret... brutally.

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