Guys, why does he still check on me?

Me and this guy liked each other ever since I was a sophomore. Last year my junior year it got really serious;like his friends would talk to me, we started texting and even walking together in the hall. He told me when he was around me he didn't know what to do and got really nervous and never asked me out so I stopped liking him, and in March he started talking to this girl Emily (they went on dates, hung out, he even went to her recitals). We ended up talking again and he started ignoring her, anyway nothing happened between us. The last time I saw him he was really rude to me. 4 months later I'm a senior and he graduated and now dates Emily, but still checks my Instagram and snapchat? He posted a picture of how lucky he was to have her too, but I noticed his family who I sometimes see stares at me? What do you guys think?


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  • He probably liked you for a little bit, and so his relatives are curious.

    • ? I don't care about his family, I want to know why as soon as added him on Snapchat he viewed my stories first

    • He probably has nothing else to do but use social media. It probably means nothing.