Should I text this to the guy I like?

So I like this guy that's my friend but my friend yesterday messages him and tells him I like him ever since then he's been acting kinda weird around me he told my friend he likes me but the distance is too far and it's too stressful for him and he won't even talk to me anymore. So I was thinking about sending this text to him: Okay fine I'll be honest with you, I used to like you, but after what my friend told me what you told her yesterday not anymore I think lol XD

Okay fine I'll be honest with you, I did like you because you were nice, funny, awesome, I like talking to you, you also look good lol and most people importantly because you have a great personality and I don't know just some other things too. Tbh other guys have asked me out but I didn't know what to say because well I just liked you only lol. But Dw I DONT like you that way anymore because of what my friend told me what you told her yesterday XD
which message sounds better the first one or the second one?


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  • Neither. My goodness... that will make u look like a ditzy dodo... just leave it alone and maybe his awkwardness around u will go away... Maybe he's just tryna plan his next move. Don't make things more weird and make urself look desperate in the process... Just wait it out a little bit :) I'm sure it'll work out!!!

    • Okay and we met online by the way so we haven't met in person yesterday

    • I get what u mean... Still makes u looks desperate and kinda dumb tho... Just give him some time. Maybe he's been busy...