Should I text this to the guy I like?

I like this guy and we've been friends for a while and my friend told him that I liked him and it feels like he doesn't wanna talk anymore since he doesn't reply back and he always did. So I was thinking about sending him a text saying "Okay fine I'll be honest with you, I did like you because you were nice, funny, awesome, I like talking to you, you also look good lol and most people importantly because you have a great personality and I don't know just some other things too. But i don't know if you do that's why i didn't tell you but I'm totally cool with still being friends and stuff just like before"


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  • That would be a no...

    • Why? If you don't mind me asking

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    • Oh okay, what should I say then?

    • Proven best to just give him some space. U making urself look desperate will only make him not like u for sure...