Catfishing for fun can go wrong?

Ever since September, I been catfishing this girl who is called the school's whore. It was so fun messing with her and revealing her secrets. I started a fake kik and Facebook, then continued. I catfished the same girl again and she was quick to respond and was super happy. Then, I did it to two others. But, the last girl she took it very seriously. She told me that she has a crush on me ( the person on the profile). I'm really had fuck up. I really made those accounts so I can express my inner thoughts about them without being known as me. Usually, it's weird thoughts, but I know I really had screwed up.


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  • This is fucked up. The whole thing. You really need to take a good look at yourself and understand that you can't do this to people. It's just wrong.


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  • I'd find it funny if it were a guy but that's pretty fucked up since it's a chick and they usually kill themselves over dumb shit a lot

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