Girls, Theirs this girl from my college who I think likes me but she say's she has a boyfriend?

So, this girl from my college who I really like says she has a boyfriend but I think she might be full of shit and we also chilled before and i thought we connected. She's from boston, anyways on Halloween night me and my friends went to a local club and she was there and we all chilled; with her, her friends, and my homies etc.. So, we got a hookah and chilled at a table and she asked me if I wanted to dance with her, not to mention her "supposed boyfriend" wasn't even with her at the club? mind you, I've never seen her with her boyfriend on campus? Also, when we got back to campus she mentioned her so called "boyfriend" I don't know I think his name is colin or something lol but it could be long distance who the fuck knows lol So when we danced that night on Halloween night at the club we dirty danced aka grinding. So I cannot decypher if she's playing hard to get and see if I will proceed with persueing her I don't know what do you girls think? what's your prespective on it? I even asked my bro's after we danced when she went to the restroom for a min, and they said she probably liked me becuase she was grinding on me aka dirty danced with me. So, what do you think guys? Ladies give a real guy some perspective if I should follow through with this girl i really like?

P. S. She wasn't feeling well on Monday and I've been asking her how she's been feeling etc... so today I texted her today how she's feeling and she said she's feeling a little better and i replied in so many words: What i texted her: out of a hundered at best health how do you feel she replied 40 and then i also incorpored in the text "hopefully by thusday we can hangout" she said maybe?


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  • Talk to her and figure out things

    • i do but what am i gonna say hey colleen do you you really have a boyfriend are you pulling my leg here u know