Girls, Five dates, not sure where I stand with her?

I only started getting my feet wet with dating this past summer, and I have recently met a girl who seems promising, we actually met on Tinder but I like her more than anyone so far.

First two dates were casual lunch/breakfast, lots in common, good vibes, conversation, third date we went to a Halloween thing, she grabbed me a lot, invited me over, fourth date she invited me over again really late after I got off of work (10 PM) and we watched movies and cuddled all night, barely even slept. However, that night she just didn't give me a receptive opportunity for a kiss, I didn't blatantly go for one, but I looked at her for it a few times and she never returned the eye contact / kept eyes closed so I didn't push for it, we were both enjoying the night and there was no need.

Today we went out for lunch again and this Saturday she's inviting me over because she wants to cook me dinner. She texted me today and told me she was impressed by my cuddling skills (lol) and wants to do it more. And she also doesn't use tinder now. We text everyday, lots of initiation on her part.

I mean I'm pretty sure she is interested but she seems content with the fact that we haven't kissed/gone further than cuddling, so I wonder if she just wants to be cuddle buddies?


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  • Hmm, maybe she just wants to take it slow. She might be testing you to see if you're really committed to staying with her and that's why she's only cuddling with you. So, yeah, it does sound like she's very interested but not ready to become intimate until she knows you're serious about her.

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