GUYS was I rude by acting like this and saying this!!! ?

so me and this guy were talking and his friend who he introduced to me a couple months ago was with us. well we were saying bye to one another - as my ride was here. Actually i was saying bye to them. the main guy was walking parallel to me while the other friend was a couple steps ahead of uss. so i said bye to the main guy and then i forgot the other guys name so i was like whats his name again while laughing so it wouldn't seem like a big deal. they both started laughing and said his name ( the other guy turned around agt that point) was i rude i only talked to the other guy once a couple months ago and only said hi/bye like onece or twice as we randomly walked by one another
i was saying bye as my ride was here to pick me up


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  • no you are not a rude girl I guess

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