Should I give him a chance?

I met this guy through online dating, we met once for dinner and we had a great time. I liked hime when i seen him in person and we talked and spend 3 hours together. Then we continued talking on message for a few days. Since we met and talking on message, he only talked about himself. Its only about him, him and him. He never asked me how my day was or anything. This kinda turned me off and i dont want to date this type of guy who only thinks about himself. So i stopped replying to his messages, by doing that i expected that he would understand and just leave me alone. He is so persistent and said want to see me again. I don't know if i am eager to see him again coz i thought our communication is not great, and i was just assuming that he might just want to have a fling with me, whether i am looking for a possible long term relationship.

I told him that i can't see him again, since he is only on short holiday in my city. He will be back to his city and things won't be fair if we see each other again. He is still persistent, and told me the consequences. I have been being mean to him by ignoring his messages for a few days, yet he still wants to see me eventho i told him I can't. I don;t know what this guy motivation, what do you think guys?


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  • i think you are enticed by the thought of the chase. You secretly like it, so you are second guessing what you should do. You should cuthim off if all he talks about is himself. that is a red flag


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