Girls, Girls in your 20's, is a guy being bald that big a deal in terms of attraction/dating?

I'm a guy who's 20 and for over a year now shavef my head bald, I kinda had to given things going down at that time... anyway it's still like that and I probably will always have to keep it that way, I'm self conscious of it yeah but never once even considered lowering my standards on a gorls looks etc or thoigh Id have to settle, yet I searched bald on this site and there was a ton of questions from guys with a lot of girls saying bald guys were ugly or even worse than fat guys!! That blew my mind, I figured a gal might prefer hair yeah but never thought it'd be a dealbreaker over a guys other assets (my face and eyes get regular compliments) so girls is being bald really a turn off?

  • A young guy can still be physically attractive to me even without hair, I would date as guy who had to shave his head
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  • It's a turn off enough I couldn't overlook it so young, I need hair on my guy
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  • Bald is ugly to me, no matter what other features a guy may have
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  • I'm not quite in my 20's yet but I would date a bald guy :)


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  • ill date a bald guy, but if he looks buff (with big muscles) like vin diesel. im just being honest.

    • What if he is just average size? I'm not puny but I'm just a smaller framed guy, I'm toned but mass evades all guys in my family

    • If you're toned, it's okay

    • I mean if you have a wide chest and toned you're great

  • I don't like bald guys, or bearded guys, or guys with mustache.

    • Well, you just cut the dating pool by over 60% for yourself

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    • I know, but I select guys with good genes ;)
      It doesn't matter if he loses hair when he is old (over 40).

    • How is bald bad genes? Now you sound a little full of yourself, bakdness has no indication of other genetic deals and by the way baldibg genes come usually from the mom-that's your father brothers etc. If they bald chances are your kids will (ps my hair is genetic, my body went through clinical exhaustion even a girl would have lost hair if put through what I was)