Wondering (Kinda new back to dating)?

I met this women, after talking a few times (text) we went out (as of this we have had 4 dates in last three weeks), Since then we have grown some what close, texting eachother (both of do this, its not one sided) daily about day etc. She asked to meet my daughter (who lives full time with me) and has done so. The two exchanged numbers, she has offered to take her to school if I can't or even pick her up. This past weekend she talked about coming over one night, but dodnt show and said she fell asleep. The next day she invited me to meet her mother (her best friend) we had lunch and all around it went well. (Her mother hugged me when she left and told me thank you, she has not seen her daughter this happy in some time) After her mom left we hung out for the rest of the day. Today I found out she has just created an account on POF, I had an older account on there, well she sent me a pm on the site, saying Hey hot stuff. I laughed about and looked over her profile, Being me I did a search for newest users in the area and hers popped up. She texted me a couple times today and asked what was going on this weekend? Told her we can plan something out tomorrow (she is taking a state test so didn't want to wreck her train of thought) My question is since she has started this account, should I be concerned, I mean it says something. We are not offical and again only been seeing eachother for a few weeks. She is happy when we are together, and seems content to continue making plans together. Or is this moving into the friend zone?


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  • No don't be concerned. Keep up physical connections and you'll be fine.

    She may be setting up back -ups incase you don't work out, but the fact that she contacted you first bodes well.


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  • Honestly, thats confusing. Thats just very typical of women. I really dont know why she would create a dating site after that. I mean she has introduced you to her mom and she wants to be around your child, so technically you have grounds to ask her why she did that. If she was making small advances towards you, you shouldn't care. The only reason you do care is because you have already met her mother and she intently wants to get to know your child. i would ask her, but play it off as a joke just to see what she says

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