No physical attraction but love?

I loved this guy in secret for 7 years and I still love him and plan to tell him soon but when i see pics of him I get a bit upset because he changed a lot he looks much older even if he is one year younger than me he is very fat now , etc but I still love but im not physical attracted is it possible to love someone even if you dont feel he is attractive anymore and before you though he was super hot? can love disapear when you dont feel the other perosn is not attratctive anymore?


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  • i guess you got leave him! If your not attractive to him then dump him.

    • is me the one who doesn't find him attractive anymore and he is my crush.

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    • yes I think all he needs is love to recover himself he seems to have a rough time.

    • well there you go!

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  • Love is in the heart, so it's possible. If your heart says you "still love him," as you said, then you do.

    I mean, there are people whose significant others don't have "hot" bodies, but they're madly in love! However, I don't know what their opinions are.


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