How to tell if a guy likes me?

For instance, this guy in friends with has a girlfriend but he texts me everyday 24/7 and we talk and he asks how I'm doing and everything. He said not to wait for him. He also said if he was single it would be a completion if he liked me bc a lot of guys like me right now. He said he can't like me and can only be friends with me but he says he cares about me and wants me to be with the right guy. I'm really confused. Please Help!


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  • There should be a button on the back of his shoulder that says "Aux. Input" above it. Hold down that button and look at his eyes, if you see a blue light, that means he kinda likes you, green light means he's into you, yellow light means neutral, red light means he hates you. Most likely he will just ask you what the hell you're looking at.

    Or you can stop worrying about these things because you're only 14, focus more on school for now so you can have a better future.


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  • umm... there's part of me that want to help you but part of me says your to young!

    • I honestly don't think this guy like you. Your probably don't even know it yet but you have to grow to love yourself. Please don't end up like me! At the age of 10 I was set on getting a bf! I was so obsessed with finding love that when I got regjected it killed me! I thought he loved me because he alway stare at me but i never really knew him. I end up seriously no joke depression. It has lasted for year and i mean years! I cried and cried. But you know what I realize what I really wanted was to tell me that I was a worthy person. But I had to believe that I was beatiful and worthy and could be my own muse! ME! no guy in the whole plant would ever make me proud or as happy as me! Thats what I learned the hard way! Don't worry if you haven't kiss, dated, sex! None of that matter if you don't yourself and you have your own dreams. I believe the coolest person is a person that can stand on their own and still look cool.

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  • you are just 14, you can not fall in love


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