Why do girls play mind game if she is not interested?

I KNOW her from last year. I lived with her family.. she called me brother but I told her about my feeling and she rejected me and after that I moved on and she text me after every 10 days and I always said that I love you and she said we are friends and I stopped talking to her... but she can't act me after every 10-12 days... her WhatsApp dp is related to love and she only talk to me WhatsApp in boys... but last week I went her city and live with her family then she trying to jealous me with a boy she hates... and every time she follow me and come to me like she want to talk to me but didn't... she sits in front of me her feet's towards me.. she was nervous around me but I was ignoring her... now I broked up... and want to talk to her what shud I do... first I an confusing with her behavior... is she really interested or she want something else... now she don't call me brother... hahahaha... plzzz help to understand her feeling?


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  • If she wants you she'll tell you. I think she really just wants your attention and likes the ego boost she gets from knowing you like her. Seems like she has insecurities and wants confirmation that she's still wanted by getting your attention. It doesn't mean she necessarily likes you romantically, more like she enjoys the attention.


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