He doesn't want to sleep with me nor see me?

He makes me feel undesireable on purpose so that i wil question myself if i am good looking enough. I rejected him first at the beginning and then months later i wanted to see him, he has admitted he thought i was drop dead gorgeous but he is being mean and not texting me anymore, he said that i have a ''fucked up personality'' but that didn't seem to bother him at first cause he kept pursuing me. I dont have a bad personality tho, he said that he doesn't want to use women for sex but he is LYING i know that he is, he doesn't care about personalities, he is angry and punishing me on purpose. Why? its driving me nuts


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  • It's because you rejected him and he's hurt and bitter about it. Isn't it obvious?

    • yeah but who said i dont want him?

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    • That is why he's turned you down. You're an egotistical person with a shitty personality. Looks don't automatically mean you are entitled to a man. Most men with intelligence need and want more than looks. They want the total package. What use is a sports car without an engine or a clutch? That's sums you up pretty well.

    • no i mean it why would he? im still a virgin by the way and i was the MOST beauitufl girl he has ever been with he said it himself, so i wonder wtf changed his mind

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  • My only question is why are you pursuing him or even care about his opinion if you know he uses girls and puts you down? Sounds to me like he's moved on and is trying to let you know by not being with you


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  • I can give you some advice with all my heart ❤ but I don't know if you wanna know the truth 😶?
    Tell me if you want to...

    • tell me please

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    • Have you slept with him before?

    • Ok so it's like that :
      He used you ( sex ) and got what he wants... and he didn't got that in the way he thought
      Cause he never loved you so there isn't any reason to stay 😶
      If you have feelings for him then move on ok?
      And next time find a Lover boy not a Play boy
      Hope you got my point 👉?

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  • After reading your comments on other people's opinions I can't tell whether or not you're trolling. You sound like a bitch.

    • Im not a bitch, he was a racist asshole anyways, he made me feel like shit after i mad ehim clear i was still a virgin. he called me an std whore and an unstable bitch for not sleeping with him

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    • I'm just trying to work out what happened. I assume it was before you found out he liked you, which would mean it doesn't matter now because you have dated and you rejected him.

    • By the way friends don't sleep together, fuck buddies do

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