Girls: What type of guy would you prefer?

Chose your favourite combination of these:

Hair: Blonde, Brown, Red, Black
Length: Short, Medium, Long
Eye color: Brown, Blue, Green
Which height?
Skinny, Average, Muscular or Fat?
What else should your dream man have?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hair: brown
    Length: short
    Eye color: doesn't matter honestly
    Height: 6'
    Average to Muscular
    Believes in aliens, spiritual (but not any one religion), does not drink, believes in waiting for sex until marriage, is into linguistics, does not want to have kids, gets good grades in school, has good career aspirations


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  • I don't care what's the colour of his hair. Length, preferably short/medium, but it's his hair anyways I don't really care either as long as he's fine with em. Eyes colour? I honestly don't care about what their colour is, as long as he can see perfectly I'm good. Blah, taller than me obviously (which isn't that hard). Average, too muscular scares me off.

  • Short and blonde hair, eye cold doesn't matter, tall + 1m80, average to muscular (but toned). Beautiful smile, white tooth, strong jawline

  • Brown, short, green/blue, muscular


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