Girls, Would you date a guy in a wheelchair?

I've never had a proper relationship. I would say I'm reasonably popular and I have lots of female friends all of whom are very complimentary about how nice and funny I am, but none has ever wanted to date me. I wouldn't say I'm awful looking too.

In my eyes, the fact I'm in a wheelchair is the main factor. I have a muscle detoriation illness which means my legs arent' strong enough to walk but I'm still intelligent and everything else works so it's not like people see me as some sort of charity case. Obviously though , this makes simple things like going places with stairs difficult, which could easily apply to a girl's house or favourite location or such.

But would you date someone in a wheelchair and do you think this is the reason?
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  • I'm not going to lie it may effect some girls wether or not they would date you ( not many) but not me personally :) I know a lot of girls who'd date a guy in a wheelchair just hang in there xx

    • Thank you, means a lot :) xx

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    • Haha aw me to! That sucks

    • I'll message you when I level up :)

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What Girls Said 4

  • Whats wrong with that. Ur so cute , i think we should talk some time 😍😘

    • Aww thank you, that means a lot, It treally does!! I'll message you when I level up as it won't let me yet :) or comment some sort of contact details and I'll message you and you can delete it x

    • we can't delete stuff on here (i really think gag should work something out on here about that) , i will probably level up by tomorrow and then we could talk.😊

    • Oh right, I should too I think, so speak to you then :) Thanks again for your opinion

  • im sure other girls would date a guy in a wheelchair but not me per say 😊

  • Not very likely but maybe.

  • I said unlikely but maybe, but I need more info. Are you able to have sex?

    • Yes but only certain positions.

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    • Good answer aha

    • Yep!

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