Why is he ignoring me?

I starting talking to this cancer guy who is now ignoring me. We have been hanging out for a month. He would text me everyday we would talk on the ph he would pick up on the first ring. Sometimes I would sleep over his place and when I wasn't there he would text me saying how he wish and wanted me to be there. He sent me a video singing to a song saying I wanna be your man. We were intimate once he kissed me goodbye afterwards text me goodnight and goodmorning the next day. About a week after that I notice that he was not contacting me first I starting initiating contact so I ask him about it and he said that everything is fine. We talked the next day and I asked him was I on his agenda and he said you re always on it that's a given. That was the last time we talked on the ph. We were supposed to meet up but he stood me up he text some excuse as to why he can't make. The next day I called he pick up twice I said hello and he said nothing. I thought something was wrong with his ph so sent a text saying call me and he replied 45 minutes later saying OK I'm at the DMV and that was the last time I heard from him he's ignoring my ph calls and text.


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  • He's either found someone else or he's lost interest in you.

    • I really thought he liked me because of how he would act towards me when we were together he was clingy he would shower me with affection.

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    • What people say they want and what people want are sometimes two different things because people aren't always honest with themselves which in turn means they are dishonest to others.

    • 👌 thank you so much for your words you help me see things from a guys perspective! Guys tend to leave us hanging and left to wonder and try to figure out what happen or what went wrong. It sucks when things don't work out with someone you liked. Thanks again

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