Dating in your early 20s (for girls)

it seems kinda pointless to me. maybe I'm just jaded or whatever but I don't see a reason to really participate in the dating scene like everyone else. check this out, most guys are trying to play the field and f*** as many girls as they can. even if they get into relationships its just meaningless anyway because 9 times outta 10 ur gonna break up for some reason and he's gonna date someone else. biologically guys are programmed to spread their seed. they don't want relationships they just want sex as a means to an end..

so why do females put so much effort into dating if most guys don't give a f*** about us anyway? I mean you have a few decent people who do care about who you are as a person and want something more than just to get a nut off but the majority is not like that...

so why not just date guys for their money? love and sex can disappoint you but money never will. I mean why should I feel bad for dating someone for cash if in all likeliness he is dating me because he wants to bang me? I'm a good looking chick and I have charm so it wouldn't be hard

i know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for this but this is how I'm feeling at this present time...maybe I'm disillusioned. and don't say "you're dating the wrong guys" most guys are like this, whether you're talking about ed hardy wearing club guys, quiet "sensitive guys, guys you meet at coffeehouses pretty much the majority of guys in their early 20s are like this and you know I'm telling the truth


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  • Hey, all guys start off with physical attraction as the reason they ask you out. And, yes, guys do want sex but that is not the only reason they ask girls out. It is easy to weed out the guys who continue to only see you as someone they would like to have sex with. Don't have sex and they will drop like flies.

    And, yes, in your 20's a lot of people try out relationships, they don't know what they are looking for, and so break-ups do happen. In the end though relationships that last are about having an emotional connection to someone else, very much a friend and that is a good thing.

    You have another option that you did not mention, which is don't date. Just let it go for now. I can only imagine something has happened recently that has put you in this frame of mind, so now would be a great time to stop dating, enjoy friends and get to a different frame of mind before you put yourself back out there.

  • I'm not gonna give you flack. I agree with you, I'm a sophomore in college and I'm going through the same exact thing. As a matter of fact, I was perfectly happy with my single life, enjoying time with my friends, and I felt completely fulfilled and wasn't looking for anything with anyone. That is, until a friend of mine who seems like a "nice, sensitive guy" asked me out and then decided that since I wasn't willing to put out after our first date, maybe we should go back to being friends. Ever since, the desire to have someone who sincerely cares about me has grown slowly, but it's gotten me nowhere because I'm unwilling to settle for a guy who is okay with the idea of being tied down as long as he gets some. So I don't blame you for being jaded and thinking this way. As a matter of fact, I applaud you. If both of you are getting what you want out of the relationship, more power to you.

    • Thank you I agree with you I do want to find love and sincerity as well but if I can't find that then I'm about the $$$

      good luck and thanks again for answeringgg

    • You go girl! Haha.

    • If you want to meet the right guy, you have to date and in the process of dating you will meet a lot of toads, just like this guy. There is no way to date without running into guys who are hoping for sex without any emotional connection. For me I just keep sex out of the equation and then when it is obvious they could not see more with me, we stop dating and all is good. By doing this I finally have met a guy who is really good to me, but man did I have to go through some turkeys.