Dating for 3 months, got really drunk twice and he is holding it against me?

i got really drunk and acted very immature. calling my guy about 5 times in a row saying "where are you" (he was coming to pick me up in an hour) and also sending like 100 texts in a row and basically crazy stuff that you do when you're young. not 25. I used to do this stuff sober, but have matured and definitely don't anymore (sober!). he says this scared him and he's worried because this wasn't the first time. he believes that the drunk me is "the crazy girl in me" .. he claims he loves so much about me sober but is just turned off by those 2 incidents (2 in 3 months) and doesn't think I'm the one for him anymore. I'm giving him his space this week, but he's kind of made it clear it won't work.. but I think he may be open to trying again.. but I feel like I really need to say or do something that assures him (already swore off drinking) that he needs to not let me go because of these MISTAKES. what do I do.. or say? we haven't spoken in person about this yet.. only through text. he says he wants his time to himself right now to think about it :0/


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  • well either he is using your drinking incidents as an excuse to leave you (possibly) or he is just worried and doesn't want anyhting to happen to you, while being drunk, sometimes people become unfaithful, maybe he is just worried you are going to screw things up while being drunk. Even though you swore off drinking, itll be hard to believe since youve done this twice now. and there will always be that doubt in the back of his mind about you starting again, and that's what he fears. As long as you reassure him that you will not drink again, I guarantee he will come back to you feeling confident with your reassuring words. just please don't screw up. ok hope this helped:) good luck!

    • Aww thanks so much! I am not unfaithful @ all when I drink. never have been. I'm the "angry drunk" LOL.